East Hampton Dining

66 Newtown Lane
(631) 329-5377

Chef: Daniel Van Der Beek

Contemporary American; Health. Family style restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, located directly across Newtown Lane from the A&P in East Hampton Village. Chef Daniel serves up "healthy cuisine," meaning whole grain breads and pancakes, tempeh, tofu, and no red meat, but seafood, turkey-burgers and chicken mean its not vegetarian. Ratings given are for dinner only; brunch gets considerably higher grades (and larger crowds). AE, MC, V. Entree price range: $7.50 to $18.95. Full liquor license; sit-down bar.

Hamptons Web Rating: 41.83 (Good)
Food: 34.50 (Good)
Service: 68.00 (Very Good)
Decor: 23.00 (Fair)

47 Montauk Highway
(631) 329-9821
Fax: (631) 329-9823
Manager: Michael Gluckman
Executive Chef: Patrick Fromm
Sushi Chef: Morgansan (formerly of Nobu)

Asian Fusion and Sushi. Located on the west side of Montauk Highway on the way into East Hampton Village (in the building which formerly housed The Georgica Grill and Zizzi Balooba). Finally, this location gets a good solid restaurant. We tried it in the middle of the week, and the fact that they were almost full let us know we had hit a new popular spot in the Hamptons (leading to our only negative comment: a little too noisy for comfortable conversation). Our group was a mix of Japanese and American palates, and all agreed that both the "Small Plates" (appetizers) and "Large Plates" (entrees) were imaginatively conceived, well prepared and handsomely presented. Particularly noteworthy were a Lump Crab & Shrimp Cake with Avocado and Wasabi Vinaigrette ($11 as an appetizer; $22 as an entree) and a Miso Rubbed Grilled Salmon with Shaved Fennel Salad, Micro Greens & Pear Tomatoes entree ($19). A Prawn & Vegetable Tempura entree ($21) was not as light (in color or consistency) as traditional tempura, but was good nonetheless, and the portion was generous. The entree menu was approximately 60% seafood (Steamed Halibut, Seared Sushi Tuna, Pan Roasted Scallops, others); also on the menu were a Crisp Farm Fresh Chicken, a Grilled Filet of Beef, and a "Bamboo Noodle Bowl." Generally speaking, all of the cooked Asian dishes were well above average. A large sushi/sashimi platter called "Big Bamboo" ($45.00) was plenty for one person with a large appetite, and probably large enough for two to share. The sushi was fresh and was served attractively, but was judged not to be particularly imaginative. The wine list is ample and reasonably priced. Open from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm for dinner 7 days a week (bar opens at 5:30 pm). Starting in the fall of 2002, expect Dim-Sum lunches to be added Sundays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. AE, MC, V. Entree price range (excluding sushi): $15.00 to $24.00, sushi/sashimi by the piece: $2.50 to $5.00, sushi/sashimi assortment price range: $15.00 to $45.00; Casual dress. Reservations accepted but not required; full liquor license; large indoor sit-down bar (check out their fresh-fruit martinis). Outdoor patio dining available, weather permitting.

Hamptons Web Rating: 74.00 (Very Good)
Food: 80.50 (Excellent)
Service: 82.00 (Excellent)
Decor: 59.50 (Good to Very Good)

39 Gann Road
(631) 324-1111
Chris Eggert and Kevin Boles, Proprietors
Chef: Chris Eggert

Seafood; Contemporary American. The owners, who also ran Santa Fe Junction, have recently combined with the East Coast Oyster Bar, this family counterpart to the upscale East Hampton Point has moved to East Coast's old location. No impeccable service here, but the raised semi-outdoor dining deck features a view of the harbor (and sunset), and the food is well-prepared, though of a simpler nature. The raw bar is very nice, the personal pizzas are local favorites, and the prices are attractive. A good choice for everyday dining. The spot's popularity causes the service to be slow, so don't come if you're in a hurry. Leave room for dessert. Entree price range: $14.50 to $18.95. Closed off season.

Hamptons Web Rating: 49.00 (Good to Very Good)
Food: 58.00 (Good to Very Good)
Service: 16.00 (Fair)
Decor: 73.00 (Very Good; Harbor View)

85 Montauk Highway
(631) 324-2004

American/Continental. More upscale than family style, this restaurant has a light, friendly openness to it, as well as fine food. Suitable for both special occasion and every day visits. Casual dress.

Hamptons Web Rating: 65.67 (Very Good)
Food: 63.00 (Good to Very Good)
Service: 67.00 (Very Good)
Decor: 67.00 (Very Good)

29 Newtown Lane
(631) 324-6300

Northern Italian.

Hamptons Web Rating: Unrated
Food: Unrated
Service: Unrated
Decor: Unrated

99 North Main Street
(631) 329-6666

Contemporary American; Italian. This modern, upscale restaurant is located right next to the East Hampton Fire Department. Dining in the Hamptons doesn't get much better than this. Whoever Jerry Della Femina is hiring to conduct his staff training should be congratulated. The key word here is consistent. Whether at East Hampton Point, The Red Horse Market or here, the staff is obviously highly motivated to please. The steaks here are the best on the East End, but don't let them slice your steak in the kitchen. Cut it yourself to truly appreciate the tenderness of a really great steak. The group we chose to review this restaurant consisted of one of New York's better chefs, a restaurant owner and more than one very very fussy diner (almost a rigged jury). Try as we might, we just could not fault the food or the service (although we were able to muster a few negative comments on some of the caricatures which cover the wall in the bar area). Therefore, if you love good food and are fussy about the details of excellent service, eat here. If you are specifically looking for a restaurant with the world's finest caricatures in the bar area, you may want to look further.

Hamptons Web Rating: 83.83 (Excellent)
Food: 88.00 (Extraordinary)
Service: 95.00 (Perfection)
Decor: 68.50 (Very Good)

295 Three Mile Harbor Road
(631) 329-2800

Manager: Caroline Scarpinato

American/Continental. One of the few upscale restaurants in East Hampton with a dining deck directly overlooking the water, this has to be one of the prettiest places in the area (during daylight hours). Dinner is quite good, but Sunday's all-you-can-eat buffet brunch is better, featuring made to order omelettes, a very superior French toast, bacon, sausages, tasty salads, pastas, and both hot cold original dishes (however, their terrific raw bar featuring all the clams and oysters you could eat has been discontinued). The service on the outdoor deck is vastly inferior to the service inside the restaurant. Another Jerry Della Femina spot. Open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week from 5:00pm during the season; because of the brunch, regular lunch is not served on Sundays. Casual dress.

Hamptons Web Rating: 80.58 (Excellent)
Food: 72.25 (Very Good)
Service: 74.50 (Very Good)
Decor: 95.00 (Perfection; Bay View)

8 Fresno Place
(631) 324-8700

American; Continental; Seafood.

Hamptons Web Rating: Unrated
Food: Unrated
Service: Unrated
Decor: Unrated

100 Pantigo Place
(631) 329-8300

Delicatessen.Perhaps more a store than a restaurant, we had to include this wonderful addition to the Hamptons. Just off of Montauk Highway, next to Town Hall, but hidden away from view, we find the best sandwiches in East Hampton. Overstuffed, generous sandwiches with fresh deli ingredients. Finally comes the answer to the age-old East Hampton question: "When are we getting a place that makes a decent sandwich?" Various overstuffed combos and regular-sized sandwiches are displayed on overhead signs, named for local locales. Custom sandwiches are not a problem, and prices are ridiculously reasonable. Not quite Carnegie-Deli-sized, but who needs a ten-pound sandwich, and for $7.50 as opposed to Carnegies $18.00, you can afford to buy two. Our favorite overstuffed combo: tongue and corned beef on rye with cole slaw right in the sandwich (and, of course, Russian dressing). Also features a large variety of the best traditional deli fare (great knishesof varying kinds) and almost the best bagels (Twice Upon a Bagel slightly edges them out for best bagel, but Goldberg's still makes a very good bagel).

Hamptons Web Rating: 62.60 (Good to Very Good)
Food: 80.55 (Excellent)
Service: 74.86 (Very Good)
Decor: 32.40 (Good)

74 James Lane
(631) 324-7100
Fax: (631) 324-5816

Mediterranean. Overlooking the pond at the west end of East Hampton Village, this upscale hotel and restaurant manages to balance informal friendliness with a very high calibre of service. The lobster corn cake appetizer should not be missed. Open for dinner only from 5:00pm to 11:00pm 7 days a week, from Memorial Day through Columbus Day. AE, Diners, MC, V. Entree price range: $15.00 to $29.00. Reservations recommended; full liquor license; sit-down bar.

Hamptons Web Rating: 74.50 (Very Good)
Food: 80.50 (Excellent)
Service: 81.00 (Excellent)
Decor: 62.00 (Good to Very Good)

103 Montauk Highway
(631) 324-1100


Hamptons Web Rating: Unrated
Food: Unrated
Service: Unrated
Decor: Unrated

18 Park Place
(631) 324-5400

Coffee Shop; Traditional American; Pancakes/All-Day Breakfast.

Hamptons Web Rating: Unrated
Food: Unrated
Service: Unrated
Decor: Unrated

100 Montauk Highway
(631) 324-3939

Contemporary; Seafood. Casual dress; outside dining patio.

Hamptons Web Rating: Unrated
Food: Unrated
Service: Unrated
Decor: Unrated

136 North Main Street
(631) 324-3550
Fax: (631) 324-7001

Chef: Joseph Realmuto

Mediterranean. The place to be seen in East Hampton (if that's important to you). We've been told that some find this upscale in-spot intimidating. Except for being called "cheeky" when we tried to make a reservation for the same week, we didn't have any problems; the service was very courteous and friendly; the food excellent. Should be tried. Open from 6:00pm on for dinner 7 days a week, and from 11:30am to 2:30pm for Sunday brunch/lunch. Closed off-season on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. AE. Entree price range: $15.00 to $30.00. Reservations required 10 days in advance during the summer season; recommended off-season; full liquor license; sit-down bar.

Hamptons Web Rating: 78.42 (Excellent)
Food: 83.00 (Excellent)
Service: 80.00 (Excellent)
Decor: 72.25 (Very Good)

94 Main Street
(631) 324-0410
Fax: (631) 324-8751

Traditional American; Seafood; Steaks. Located on the south side of Montauk Highway immediately west of East Hampton's shopping district. Upscale, with a steakhouse atmosphere (dark wood and white aprons). Full range menu, but many people come here primarily for the steaks (very good) and the lobsters (very big). Open 5:00pm to 11:00pm for dinner only, 7 days a week all year. AE, Carte Blanche, Diners, MC, V. Entree price range: $17.00 to $29.00. Reservations required; casual dress; full liquor license; sit-down bar.

Hamptons Web Rating: 71.33 (Very Good)
Food: 80.00 (Excellent)
Service: 74.00 (Very Good)
Decor: 60.00 (Good to Very Good)

10 Main Street
(631) 324-8555
Toni Ross and Mark Smith, Proprietors

English Pub. Located in Parrish Mews on the south side of East Hampton Village's Main Street, just east of the movie theater. With an atmosphere somewhere between a French bistro and an English pub, this new restaurant from the owners of Nick & Toni's is neither upscale nor family style, but a little bit of both. Authentic French onion soup, fish & chips, "bubble & squeak," and crème brulée were on the opening night menu. Open 5:00pm to midnight for dinner only, every day but Monday all year. No credit cards. Entree price range: $13.00 to $20.00. Reservations not accepted; casual dress; full liquor license; sit-down bar.

Hamptons Web Rating: 66.33 (Very Good)
Food: 45.00 (Good)
Service: 84.00 (Excellent)
Decor: 70.00 (Very Good)

290 Montauk Highway
(631) 604-1550
Fax: (631) 604-1549
Owners: Bill & Yvette Mammes
Chef: Bill Mammes

Click any image to enlarge.
Modern American. Upscale but friendly restaurant located where East Hampton meets Wainscott at the former V.F.W. Post (replacing Almondito and yes, the tank is still there). Although the name Rugosa sounds Italian, this is not an Italian restaurant, but an outstanding modern American restaurant named after a variety of rose which grows on our sand dunes. We reviewed Rugosa with our toughest set of guest reviewers, including one chef, one actress and one wife. We had high expectations based on rumors that this was going to be THE place to eat in East Hampton. It was early in the meal that we decided that these rumors were inaccurate. This should be THE place to eat in all of the Hamptons. We have included some images of the dishes we ordered, each of which is worth the proverbial thousand words. They tasted as good as they look. The dishes we chose and their accompaniments were well thought out and imaginative. Presentation was remarkable and portion sizes were perfect. Add to this a level of service that in most Hamptons restaurants does not exist (John was our waiter/sommelier), and you have the perfect dining experience. We started with a few of Rugosa's original cocktails, including a delicious Grey Goose Orange Cosmopolitan and a refreshing as-yet-unnamed Dragonberry cooler with crushed strawberries and lichee puree, among others. Appetizers we favored included the duck cannelloni and a silky white gazpacho. Main dishes: a succulent roast lamb loin, a perfectly prepared seared duck breast and an amazing lavender and Dijon crusted halibut. We sampled all of the beautiful desserts and the winner was the bruléed lime meringue. The wine list is extensive and fairly priced, with several good selections under $40. Although we tried to come up with some criticisms to make our review seem more realistic, the only thing we came up with was that the selection of wines by the glass could be improved in that it is very limited and does not give someone drinking alone the opportunity to get adventurous, or the ability to match the outstanding food with an outstanding glass of wine. If you are visiting someone in the Hamptons for only one evening, this is the restaurant you should not miss. Rugosa (the restaurant, not the flower) is open 5:30pm to 11:00pm, Thursday through Monday; closed Tuesday and Wednesday. AE, MC, V. Entree price range: $20.00 to $34.00. Reservations recommended; casual dress; full liquor license; beautiful, well-stocked sit-down bar.

Hamptons Web Rating: 90.93 (Extraordinary)
Food: 94.80 (Extraordinary)
Service: 96.00 (Perfection)
Decor: 82.00 (Excellent)

Sam's Restaurant
Photorealistic painting
by Curtis Hoppe
36 Newtown Lane
(631) 324-5900

Italian; Pizza. The crowd makes this restaurant. We have looked in to see fashionably dressed upscale patrons gathered around the long sit-down bar. At other times, the booths are filled with casual teenage pizza fans. Thus it is hard to classify family or upscale, but we'll opt for family. Although the normal selection of Italian prepared dishes are available, the quality and the outstanding variety of pizzas is the draw here. Types include, among many others, clam & oyster, Hawaiian and (our personal favorite) Rose's Midnight Special, with fresh tomatoes, bacon and sausage. Casual dress; full liquor license; sit-down bar. Take out available.

Hamptons Web Rating: 63.67 (Good to Very Good)
Food: 68.50 (Very Good)
Service: 73.00 (Very Good)
Decor: 49.50 (Good to Very Good)

143 Main Street
(631) 324-1770
Chef: Kevin Penner

Contemporary American. Upscale. Smart casual dress. Full liquor license.Full review coming soon.

Hamptons Web Rating: 87.45 (Extraordinary)
Food: 94.50 (Extraordinary)
Service: 84.85 (Excellent)
Decor: 83.00 (Excellent)

221 Pantigo Road
(631) 324-7166
Fax: (631) 324-7253

Southwestern; Barbecue. Family-style take-out retail food shop and restaurant is located on the north side of Montauk Highway between East Hampton and Amagansett Villages. The smoked meats and barbeque are quite tasty. So is the chili, although chili afficianados will take issue with the fact that the beef is ground istead of cubed. Clean, pleasant atmosphere suitable for everyday dining. "Fancy Wraps" on the menu translate to burritos, in which we found the meat rather scarce, lost among the rice, beans, etc. Barbecued brisket, pork and duck were fine when reheated. AE, MC, V. Entree price range: $5.90 to $20.00. Casual dress; take-out counter and retail store in separate room.

Hamptons Web Rating: 27.83 (Fair)
Food: 33.00 (Good)
Service: 15.50 (Fair)
Decor: 35.00 (Good)

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